Entrega di Bukinan pa Muchanan


Un idea di sra. Alida Kock awe a bira realidad na momento cu a hasi entrega di su bukinan na Stichting Kinderhuis Imeldahof. E idea tabata pa trece su bukinan di mucha, cu ta un total di 3 ehemplar den idioma Papiamento, pero tambe na Hulandes y Ingles, pa reparti pa nos muchanan na Aruba. Di es manera aki sra. Alida Kock ta duna bek na su isla, yudando na expande nan vocabulario y conocemento general di nos muchanan.
Skolnan di bario y scol di infancia di sra. Alida Kock ,esta Fatima College, ta esnan cu a ricibi pakete di e bukinan aki.

Den nomber di Gobierno di Aruba mi ta felicita y gradici sra Alida Kock y Natalia Hernandez pa e bunita gesto aki, dunando nos muchanan material pa lesa. Lesa ta yuda nos muchanan desaroya nan forma di pensa y papia. E ta stimula nos muchanan pa sigi hasi cosnan positivo, locual ta e pensamento essencial den cuadro di nos maneho. Nos mester yuda nos muchanan recrea den formanan positivo sea ta lesa, den forma artistico, guinan den nan talento musical, tur ta aspectonan importante pa nan desaroyo. Ta importante pa mayornan sinta lesa cu nan jiunan, den e forma aki boso ta yudanan desaroya nan vocabulario, sea un bon ehempel y guianan.”

Tambe mi ta gradici esnan presente den nomber di Minister di Enseñansa sra Michelle Hooyboer-Winklaar pa e entrega di leesmaterial na nos muchanan.


Imeldahofs Director Natalia Hernandez being interviewed by TeleAruba (1)

Palm Beach Monday 25th November.-  Play Foundation,  founded by DJ, artist and producer Chuckie, hosted a delicious breakfast buffet for the loyal employees of Imeldahof at the Taste of Belgium this morning. The happy jubilees were presented with gifts, flower bouquets and a live music performance by Upgrade Music.


Imeldahof 60 years

Imeldahof, the foundation that raises children between the ages of 6-18 who have been placed out of home by court as a result of neglect, abuse or parents’ addictions, celebrates sixty years of existence in 2014.

In reference to this diamond anniversary Play Foundation will organize and sponsor several activities, of which this breakfast formed the kick off.


More on the agenda

Play Foundation in collaboration with Flora Market will turn Imeldahof’s garden into a true Christmas wonderland together with the children and staff later this week, which will surely be a very festive event. On Epiphany, January 6th, the children will be represented with gifts and furthermore Play Foundation will also design, build and maintain the website and social media platforms of Imeldahof, ensuring their web presence and online community building.



Play Foundation, founded in 2013 by DJ Chuckie, has the primary purpose of bringing the youth closer to their love of music and giving back to the Aruban community. “Music has changed my life and made me the person I am today and my humble wish is to share this with the youth” – these are words of the Chairman of Play Foundation, DJ, Artist & Producer Chuckie. Having sustainability high on their agenda, Play Foundation will start a solar panel project for the public primary schools on Aruba in 2014.  Play Foundation is additionally represented by a number of ambassadors; Mayrin Croes (Managing Director Gold Coast), Louis Posner (Managing Director Aruba Aloe Vera), Janien Huistra (Director Sales & Marketing Renaissance Resort & Casino), Allan Kuster (Kuster Law), and Peter Balliere (Mis en Place Holding).