Our History


On November 25th  1954 the Sisters of Bethanië established a home in Aruba for boys from 6 to 14 years and for girls from 6 to 18 years.

In 1976, a new foundation, the Foundation Children’s Home Imeldahof, was created to manage the home. The Children’s Home is a private foundation which receives a subsidy from the government for salaries of the personnel and a subsidy for expenses  ( approximately Afls. 11,== per day per child to provide them with food, clothing, schooling, activities and all other expenses to run the children’s home).

Furthermore it is dependent on the community for its (financial) support to explore and achieve special projects for the children.

The objective of the children’s home is to offer a temporary home and guidance for children who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to remain in their own homes. In most cases this is until placement with their own family or relatives or a foster family can be found.

A few of the reasons are mental-, psychical and sexual abuse, neglect, alcohol or drug abuse by parents.

The capacity of the children’s home is 52 children simultaneously. These 52 children are divided into 4 groups of at the most 14 individuals. The groups are heterogeneous in age as well as sex.

Primarily the chosen method is aimed at taking care of the children psychically as well as emotionally by giving them safety and structure while keeping them out of harm’s way.

For every child an individual guidance plan is composed before admission and after 3 months of observation it will be adjusted in accordance with our guidance principles. Children with specific emotional and behavioral problems are guided by a specialist in deviant behavior

(orthopedagoge) and at the same time there is a general program with group activities, such as ballet lessons, music lessons, taekwondo, arts and crafts.

The children visit elementary and secondary schools in the neighborhood.

Every group is lodged in a detached house, functioning as an independent unit. The pedagogical personnel consist of 25 employees and all group leaders have at least an associate’s degree in social work. The children’s home also has a maintenance man, a driver, a secretary, an administrator, a head of housekeeping, a coordinator of pedagogic guidance and a director. The board of directors consists of seven (7) voluntary members.