Future Projects


The children’s home has been working with the differentiation plan for more than 14 years and has the following plan to give a more improved guidance to the children:

  1. Yearly upgrading of the pedagogical personnel to be able to provide the best guidance possible during a certain period;
  2. Analyze and evaluate the differentiation concept in order to inform the government in a proper way about the necessities of the children’s home in working toward the future;
  3. Work towards establishing a better financial relationship with the government by implementing a “care contract” in which the government and the children’s home commit to delivering a high standard of guidance to children in need and of allocating the monies needed for doing this;
  4. A periodical and strategic way of informing the community about the work of the children’s home, through newspapers, television and radio programs, family days and development of a new brochure and/ or info clip of the children’s home.

We thank you for your support to our work for and with the children who are in need!